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Handheld Thermometers


Radix Handheld instruments are small, portable devices for quick and effortless measurements. Choose ACCURAD71 for Pt100 inputs, DIGIRAD71 for thermocouples, HUMIRAD71 for RH+T measurement or UNIRAD, which has universal input. With a large variety of probes for different applications and long battery-lives of up to 100 hours, these handheld instruments are a must-have for any shop floor!

Tc K Handheld Thermometer Digirad


Item Code :  Digirad

DIGIRAD71 is a handheld digital thermometer equipped with a K-type thermocouple temperature sensor.Radix also supplies a wide range of alternative probes for this instrument such as general purpose, high temperature, quick response and teflon coated immersion probes; leaf, bow-curved, rotary and spring surface probes; needle probes, prick probes, air probes and smithy probes. Its temperature range is between -50°C and 1300°C with a resolution of 0.1°C. It typically runs for 100 Range: -50°C - 1300°CLarge variety of probes for all applicationsResolution: 0.1/1°CStandard 9V Battery3.5 digit, 0.5 inch LCDMaximum reading of 1999

Universal Input Handheld Thermometer Unirad


Item Code :  Unirad

UNIRAD is a handheld universal digital thermometer, receiving input from 8 types of thermocouples (B, E, J, K, N, R, S, T), Pt100, Pt50 and Pt200 RTDs and a linear 0 - 50 mV voltage.  The temperature range handled by the thermometer is determined by the input received. Depending on the sensor used, UNIRAD can be
  • Universal Input
  • Resolution: 0.1/1 °C
  • Standard 9V Battery
  • Display 4-digit, 7 segment 0.5" LCD
  • Maximum reading of 1999
  • 0.1% Linearization accuracy
  • Software calibration
  • Large variety of probes for all application